Our modern culture is filled with images, photographs, films and accounts of amazing adventures. We have climbed to the highest points on earth, flown in wingsuits off peaks and crags, skied off 300 foot cliffs, put paragliders on our backs and sailed out over vast canyons. Kayakers have run over nearly 200 foot waterfalls, and regularly run wild rivers across the globe that were inaccessible to all before. Our modern adventure sports are simply stunning ways we have found to challenge the limits of our human barriers. How is it that a slow, two footed primate can climb unaided to the heights of our planet, beyond nearly 80% of the atmosphere, dive into its depths thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean, fly through the air, literally float on a snowboard like a magic carpet down steep mountain faces through powder snow… the list is endless, new sports are invented all the time, the limits always expand. We never stop this exploration.