• A Darkness Lit by Heroes is the tale of the biggest hard rock mining accident in America. The book is based on 600 pages of eye-witness testimony that was lost for 90 years, and the story is carefully anchored into the historical facts. It is written as a novel from inside the miners’ experience with extensive use of the testimony, and puts readers directly into the working mine as a normal shift spiraled out of control.

    The story is about the resilience of the human spirit, the love built from the bonds of shared danger, and the ability of people to rise up when all hope is gone, to light even the greatest darkness.

  • "Whitewater Philosophy is composed of 30 of Doug’s essays and articles. Any river runner or water person will find these thought-provoking and enlightening, no matter what his or her level, and no matter what kind of kayaking, rafting, fishing, or canoeing they do.“One of the five best Outdoor Adventure Books” — Wall Street Journal
  • Water Nymph Press, 2005, 240 pages "The Laugh of the Water Nymph contains 22 adventure stories, from jungle rivers that disappear underground and cast off huge waterfalls, to glacial rivers running through the wilderness of northern Canada. There are 30 pages of wild and beautiful photographs with extremely high quality printing. The book was voted “One of the best outdoor books of the year” by the National Outdoor Book Awards.“The best book on whitewater, period.” — Dave Manby, British expedition kayaker, author and editor of Many Rivers to Run