• An expedition comprising descents of the three major expedition rivers in North America: Devil’s Canyon of the Susitna River in Alaska, Turnback Canyon of the Alsek River in the Yukon, and the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River in British Columbia. The first time this has ever been done.(Outdoor Life Network, 1998). Won multiple awards in film festivals. DVD - 48 minutes
  • The remarkable first descent of the last major unrun river in Nepal, the Thule Bheri, by a top team of American paddlers. The river cascades out from the Dolpa, called the Hidden Land and one of the inspirations for Shangri-la, starting in at a magical lake nestled deep in the Himalaya at nearly 14,000 feet down and running 300 kilometers down into the Nepalese lowlands. More than 25 years later, this river is now known as the best all-around expedition in the world for its dramatic mountain scenery, Tibetan and Hindu culture, and continuous difficult whitewater. The kayakers are Charlie Munsey, Scott Lindgren, Gerry Moffatt, Danielle Crist, and Doug Ammons.(Outdoor Life, 1995) The film won numerous awards, including an Emmy for Action Cinematography. DVD - 48 minutes
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    Wildwater DVD & Blue-Ray


    "WildWater is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk. Its a visually stunning feast for the senses, and an expedition into new ideas. It is the only kayaking film ever that has won “Best Film” award in both Adventure film festivals and an Art Film festival. When you watch it, you will understand why. “A gorgeously shot homage to whitewater kayaking… with moving commentary by the kayakers.” — Michael Ybarra in the Wall Street Journal “Proves that an action film can be both relevant and thrilling” — Outside Magazine

  • First descents of multiple rivers in the southern Mexico rain forest, including the incredible Santa Domingo River which has a series of seven gorges with huge cascading waterfalls coursing down through the jungle. One gorge in particular was not run again for nearly 15 years because it was so demanding, and is known today as the most astonishing set of waterfalls in the world. Also shown are descents of big waterfalls in at Agua Azul, and a descent of the Uscimacinta River with exploration of its Mayan ruins. DVD - 48 minutes
  • A beautifully shot expedition of a descent on the fabled Grand Canyon of the Stikine River by a veteran team of kayakers: Charlie Munsey, Gerry Moffatt, Rob Lesser, Wink Jones, Reggie Crist, and Doug Ammons. The Stikine is known as the purest and one of the most difficult expedition rivers in the world.(National Geographic, 2000) One of the most shown and enjoyed National Geographic Adventure programs of the late 1990s and early 2000s. DVD - 30 minutes
  • The first kayaking expedition to Bolivia, exploring the unrun rivers of the area north of La Paz on the eastern slopes of the Andes and also climbing one of the classic peaks in the Andes. Multiple first descents and difficult steep rivers, as well as showing the Bolivian culture. Kayakers: Scott Lindgren, Danielle Crist, John Foss, and Doug Ammons.(Outdoor Life Network, 1997) This film won an Emmy award for action cinematography. DVD - 48 minutes
  • A team of world-class kayakers takes on running a seemingly impossible river that disappears underground in the Mexican jungle in a deep gorge, and miraculously reappears after tumbling nearly a mile underground. Added to this are early descents of Agua Azul’s stunning huge waterfalls of bluish-white water. Kayakers: Americans Doug Ammons and Bob McDougall, South African Jerome Truran, and German Markus Schmid.(National Geographic, 1991). DVD - 20 minutes
  • A film showing Doug Ammons kayaking down one of the most famous rivers in North America, which is also infamous among kayakers, the North Fork of the Payette River in Idaho. It is a steep, committing, and continuous run known world-wide as an all-time classic difficult river. Joined by kayakers Charlie Munsey and Jim Grossman. Includes Ammons’ pioneering descents of the river at a high flow without a paddle, something that decades later still has only been done by only three or four top kayakers ever. (Outdoor Life Network, 1995) DVD - 25 minutes